What's Next? An Operating Agreement

Now for the next big steps!  With the purchase completed, The Friends of the Lowcountry LowLine are getting ready for what's next.  But before any new steps can be taken, an understanding must be with the City about how this linear public space will operate.  In other words, who's in charge of what.  

Not until after this is worked out can the community outreach effort begin, to ask everyone in the neighborhoods what they want to see in the park.  But there's much more after that:

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It's a DEAL!


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$4.8 Billion Projected Low Line Economic Impact


The planned Low Line linear park will eventually stretch two miles down the spine of the Charleston peninsula from Mount Pleasant Street to Marion Square. The Friends of the Lowcountry Low Line is working closely with the City of Charleston to purchase the unused railway from Norfolk Southern upon which the park will be constructed.

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The New Look of the Low Line



Welcome to the new online home of the Lowcountry Low Line!

This project has been in the works for many years, and today, we are closer than ever to bringing the Low Line to life.

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