Contact Your Council Member

City Council members love to hear what citizens want! Let them know that you want the Low Line in Charleston! Click here for a list of reasons why the Low Line would be great for our city.

Who is my council member?

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I have 5 minutes.

Let your council member know that you're in favor of the Low Line! It takes just a few minutes to call or email your council member, but the results can be huge.

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Write a letter to your council member and mail it to their office.

If you want to make an even bigger impact, you can send letters to more than one city council member – remember that each one gets to vote on whether the Low Line is built or not!

If you need some help, start with this template and fill in the blanks!

  • I want the Low Line in Charleston, because insert awesome reason.
  • It will allow me to insert verb.
  • I live in name of neighborhood, and the Low Line would be great for my neighbors and me because insert another awesome reason.
  • My (dog/kid/student/mom/friend) will benefit from the Low Line insert an example.
  • When the Low Line becomes a reality, I will insert verb at the park.